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Earth Day Thrift Challenge | Mikayla

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Bringing in pieces from multiple thrift stores made Mikaylas style super cool. Between two different Goodwill stores, Lakeway Thrift and another thrift store called Pavement just north of downtown Austin, she really brought her styling all together and made a super cohesive boho look! We shot this in a natural setting with creeks, trails and found this beautiful Redbud tree that is set apart from any other blooming tree, right in the middle of a greenbelt here in the Austin area.

We have a contest going with our InModel team! Each person had to source their entire outfit from thrift stores. ALL of it. ...pants, shoes, shirt, jewelry, accessories. Between Mikayla and Kendall, the one who gets the most comments and "hearts" will win a Liz James gift certificate! Check out their jewelry at!

So, be sure and leave an awesome comment and a like on this blog and on Mikayla’s style below!

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