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Destination Puerto Rico - The Enchanted Island

Who’s up for tropical lagoons made for magazine covers, sand lined beaches with colorful fishing boats, crashing ocean spray against piers, neighborhoods bursting with color, abandoned lighthouses, and shooting near a castle dating back to the 16th century… at sunset?

Puerto Rico is calling all adventurers! Nicknamed the Enchanted Island, Puerto Rico is a jewel of a destination that’s easy to get to from the mainland, a US territory and easy to travel the entire island a short amount of time.

This will be two days of traversing the exterior of Puerto Rico while shooting epic portraits at some stunningly gorgeous locations.

After flying into San Juan, Puerto Rico, you will take a short one-hour jaunt to Ponce, which is on the south side of the island. Ponce will be the starting point for shooting on day one.

Day One – Saturday the 26th

To begin we start off shooting around our accommodations from Friday evening, the Fox Hotel. The Fox Hotel is in the heart of Ponce. The hotel’s motif has a 90’s flair, but with colorful art of famous musicians, artists, and celebrities. Outside the hotel you will be in the city’s center with museums, local shops, and the notes of musicians all around.

From our hotel we will take a short trip over the Yaucromatic Neighborhood, in Yuacco. This small community is bursting with vibrant and colorful murals, painted steps and terraced streets, all tucked into the side of a hilled terrain.

From Yuacco, we will head up the west coast on our way to Aguadilla, which is the northwest corner of Puerto Rico. There will be two places we will shoot here. The first will be Crash Boat Beach. Lined along the beach are colorfully painted and designed fishing boats what will be fun to shoot amid. Then there are piers jetting out into the water with waves crashing up against them making for some dramatic photos!

The next location in Aguadilla will be the Old Aguadilla Abandoned Lighthouse. With crumbling walls, stunning views and sitting ocean side, it will make for epic portraits.

Day Two – Sunday the 27th

After waking up Sunday morning, having a cup of local joe and getting ready for a second day of adventuring, we will depart Aguadilla and travel along the north coast to Playa Mar Chaquita Beach. Mar Chaquita is an unusual beach in that is a half-moon lagoon, with a small opening to the ocean. It has these small pools of water everywhere in the volcanic, eroded rock surface. It’s small enough that we can explore the perimeter easily getting crashing surf all around on the outside, with calmer waters to the inside.

After taking in all of Mar Chaquite beach we will head back into San Juan. For our last locations we will be shooting along the streets of Old San Juan in an area called Calle Fortaleza for part of our time.

Then for an epic finale, nearing sunset time, make our way over the Castille San Felipe del Morro.

This will be an experience that will be full of adventure and memories. Bring your family! Bring a friend. But don’t miss out!

If you would like more information, such as pricing, logistics, schedule, and how a destination session like this works, send me a note.

Shoot Dates: January 26th & 27th

I have availability for 5 individuals! If you would like to make this a mid winter family vacation and have family portraits, or children’s portraits, fill out my contact form on my home page and let’s talk! I would love to help!

The deadline to book this opportunity is October 1st! So, don't wait!

Style boards available at a later date.



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