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Destination Miami - 2022 | Day 2

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Sit back and get whisked away to a place that you read about in tourism articles and travel magazines.

With its bright colors and Latin/Mediterranean influenced design Espanola Way provided a perfect backdrop for the Havana inspired outfits.

This small enclave between 14th and 15th on South Beach Island was developed in the early 1920s. It provided a getaway for creatives and artists and while it was inspired by a very Tuscany and Mediterranean history, it worked perfectly for the Cuban styling we were going for. What is also interesting is it started as a normal thoroughfare for cars to travel, but a few years ago Miami turned it into a pedestrian-only street. Over the ensuing years because of a renewed interest in tourism it’s become a haven for new business, quaint restaurants, art galleries and a place for travelers from all over the world to experience the history of South Beach, with the feel of a warm Mediterranean village nestled in the hills and mountains of northern Spain and eastern France. Tuscany at its finest.

For the next two looks we moved a few blocks away to a beach area at the north end of Ocean Dr.

One of my favorite places in South Beach, and even Miami in general is Ocean Drive. Between the Art Deco Architecture, the warm easterly breezes coming off the ocean, the small sidewalk café’s, it’s not only beautiful but a great place for great photography.

You can’t shoot senior portraits in South Beach and not shoot a Beach Bum look! All along the beach that runs up and down Ocean Drive are these super cool lifeguard stands that are painted with lively, bright colors that really speaks to the happy, vibrant lifestyle of SBL… South Beach Life. These structures made great props to shoot our Beach Bum look around.

The last look was a Winter Boho styling that we shot at the end of the day. With the waning sun, the dunes and overhanging mangroves the Winter Boho style really was gorgeous. These looks included swim wear, but was paired with warm cozy sweaters, knitted bottoms and tops. The weather was near perfect and certainly lended itself to the overall vibe we were going for with this style.

Up next, the 3rd and final day of shooting three completely different styles in an up and coming part of Miami.

Miami Design district.

Stay tuned.

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