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Who's up for a Wanderlust Adventure for their Senior Session?

Destination sessions provide an incredible experience to have your photography session someplace special and create images that you simply won't see anywhere else. It can be a time to get away to a different part of the world, or our country, and make images and memories you'll have with you forever. Sometimes these sessions are with other nationally recognized senior portrait photographers. But I can also be booked exclusively for a Destination Session. Whether it's your senior session or simply a desire to express yourself in a unique way in a unique place a Destination session is off the charts amazing!

Planning and setting up these session takes time and research. I also price them differently than my regular sessions. Before you book and reserve a date on my calendar, we schedule a time to meet and talk details such as location, dates, styling, potential for working with a local boutique at the destination, hair and makeup on-location, what you will want to order in regards to products (so I know what and how to shoot from a creative standpoint) and a lot more!


Fill out my Your Story Form  on my home page to reach out, ask questions and let's get started planning!

To see a little more about what a typical destination looks like from behind the lens visit my Blog Here and search "Destinations" at the top of the Blog Index.



I have just added this destination to my 2023 Calendar! It's going to be epic!

If you have never been to the Pacific NW,!

From the majestic waterfalls, to the rambling brooks, to the mountains, cliffs and ocean views, it's scenery you won't find just anywhere.

Full details and style boards are forthcoming. But put this trip on your radar if you would like to have your senior portraits in a magical are of our beautiful country!

Questions? Hit me up on my Your Story Form!

More details to follow here...



Okay, this is our big event of the year! And it's an experience you don't want to miss!

For 2 days Senior Post will be shooting in and around Palm Springs, CA!  Oh yeah! We have some really fun style boards choose that are amazing!

We will be shooting at the Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain, Moorten Botanical Gardens and more. If you would like to come with me and make this a killer senior portrait session experiences, then let's talk my friend!

Check out the style boards and locations here.

Then come back over here and fill out my Your Story Form over here so we can connect and set up a consolation about how it all works!


For past Destinations head over to my Blog and read all about places like South Beach Florida, Hot Springs Arkansas, San Diego California, Galveston Texas, South Padre Texas and other locations!

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