InFrame: Ariel

StudioRep: Pat & Cassie, IL

OnLocation: San Diego, CA

JET SETTERS ~  Want your senior session somewhere crazy cool?

Destination sessions provide an incredible experience to have your session someplace special and create images that you simply won't see anywhere else. It's a time to get away to a different part of the world, or our country, and make images and memories you'll have with you forever. Whether it's your senior session or simply a desire to express yourself in a unique way in a unique place a destination session is off the charts amazing!

Planning and setting up a destination session takes time and research. I also price it differently than my Regular Sessions and even my Collective Sessions. Before we book and reserve a date on my calendar, we schedule a time to meet and talk details such as location, dates, styling, potential for working with a local boutique at the destination, hair and makeup on-location, what you will want to order in regards to products (so I know what and how to shoot from a creative standpoint) and much more!

The basics are as follows...

- CONTIGUOUS STATES: $1500 Session fee and up

- INTERNATIONAL: $3000 Session Fee and up

• 1/2 day...about 3 hours

• Full day...about 6 hours, with a 1-1/2 day hour break for lunch. Full day has an additional $800 fee.

• Multiple locations, multiple outfits

• Up to 2 seniors allowed (ie. friend)

• Hair and makeup required for girls (additional cost)

• Session fee will include my travel expenses

• Planned 3-6 months out.

• If we shoot at a location that has costs/fees associated with site rental those fees will be paid by client

• Session fee does not include client travel expenses

• If there are two seniors, each senior must purchase separate collections, but there is only one session fee

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