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my story

Captivating and relevant senior, wedding, family and kid portrait photography is more than just a click of the shutter. Portrait photography should be expressive, creative and above all tell the story of who the individual is. From experiences going back to when I was kid, I have learned how to make portrait photography art while telling a unique story.

My childhood was spent traversing the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains exploring,  and learning to love people and the outdoors. I helped my grandfather bale hay and harvest his gardens. I learned from my father what it means to be a teacher. And, I garnered invaluable lessons from my mother about how to care for and love people.


Next to my faith and my family, photography is my passion.


Throughout my life I have travelled to many places. I have seen and experienced some of life’s best and some of life’s worst. It is remarkable how standing behind a lens can teach you things you never thought possible.


My own life has shaped the photographer I am today. I have learned to love God. Love people. Love life.


Hope you like my work.




We all have a story to tell and I would love to hear yours! To BOOK A SESSION with me, drop me a line and let's talk about what you love, your dreams, your ideas and what makes you.... well you.





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I respond to all inquiries within 24-48 hours. Please watch your junk and spam folder as emails often find there way to those locations. Mobile number is important, so I can confirm you have received my reply. And address, because I'm Old School and love hand written "Thank You" notes. All the best!







Family... We laugh, tease, cry, love, and get on each others everlovin' nerve sometimes, LOL, but gosh we can have a great time together!


When I get out with families we always have a blast!

I think the best thing about families are the memories we make together. I have so many fun stories that my clients and I share, that it's always fun getting together with them or seeing them out in the community and us reminiscing about the afternoon we spent herding the crew around.


If you want to have a GREAT experience with your tribe, call me. You will love the images we create together!  

MR. & MRS.

It's a BIG day. It's YOUR big day! Getting married is one of the most memorable experiences and adventures a couple will ever embark on. From the moment the question is popped, to the when the vows are given, to that epic reception finale, it's an adventure you will cherish forever.

There are hundreds of moving parts and pieces to a wedding. From the engagement, to the bridals, to the actual wedding, schedules, lists, dates, times... It's a lot of work that takes a lot of attention. I love weddings and love working with the bride and groom to make their day extra special. By the time it's all said and done, we'll feel like family and close friends!







Kids are a lot of awesomeness. I speak fluent "kid"! And trust me sometimes it can sound a lot like alien talk.


Being quick and fast on the draw is a must with kiddos. Getting those authentic shots while having fun takes time and patience. Luckily I have lots of that. My kid's sessions are not your typical park bench, everyone say "cheeeeese" pictures. These speak to who the kids are and just like my senior sessions, tells their unique story, through a lens.


If need be I am not above bringing water guns to get the giggles going!








Our homes are where we live. We adorn the walls and coffee tables with the memories of our family, our experiences and all the special moments of our lives.

I not only create one of a kind experiences when we shoot, but I also create one of a kind art that speaks to who you are. My products share those stories visually, and sparks conversations that are truly experiential. They are investments in your story.






This isn't your typical modeling. Yes, while agency modeling is cool and all, my modeling team has a whole different look and feel. For starters I don't have casting calls that seem to go by like a snail pushing a turtle across the pavement, with weights on his ankles.

My model team is all about having fun, with meaning and purpose. We have creative shoots, modeling sessions, popup session across the country and tons more, all while showing you what it looks like to be a modern day influencer through leadership, collaborating, story curating and brand representation.

Want to get away and have your senior session someplace magical? I think that's a great idea! So much so I specialize in it. From start to finish I'll plan the entire shoot. From location scouting, to outfits, to timing and everything in between. You and your family can make it a vacation or we can make it a day in/day out shoot. Think Big Sur, The Big Apple or Little Italy!

At the end of the day a destination session is an experience you will remember (in the immortal words of Squints in Sand Slot) forrrrrreeeevvverrrr, and the images we create will captivate even the shortest of attention spans.








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