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Earth Day Thrift Challenge | Kendall

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

90’s all the way with the colorful nylon jacket, corduroy pants and lightening bolt earrings! So rad! At first we were going to shoot both Kendall’s and Mikayla’s (her blog to follow) earth day thrift challenge outfit together at the same location. But when Kendall sent me her artwork of an outfit, I was like, “Okay, we need to shoot that downtown with some murals and in some allies!” And that’s what we did. We shot behind buildings, against murals and even did a little climbing on a few things! Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

We have a contest going with our InModel team! Each person had to source their entire outfit from thrift stores. ALL of it. ...pants, shoes, shirt, jewelry, accessories. Between Kendall and Mikayla, the one who gets the most comments and "hearts" will win a Liz James gift certificate! Check out their jewelry at!

So, be sure and leave an awesome comment and a like on this blog and on Kendalls' style below!

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