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Jazz, Mardi & Beignets

There is a city that is steeped in culture, good times and even better food! It is of course known for it's "party scene" during late winter each year, but it's history and architecture is of much more value to me. Which lends to well to photography.

I love shooting in unique places, making imagery that sparks conversation, creates memories and gives me a sense of adventure. When I get to do it with my model team, even better.

A couple of my models, Margo and Adelaide ( and their mom's) recently meet up with myself and a few other senior portrait photographers from Lousiana, in New Orleans to have some fun shooting with one another. They each brought several of their models as well. We spent the day visiting a few different locations creating amazing images and simply having fun with other creatives.

These “meet-ups” gives our models an opportunity to meet other models from around the country, make friends and builds their confidence being in front of the camera and working with other photographers.

We do this all while jettisoning our local area and exploring other parts of the country.

If you are Senior, Junior or Sophomore in the Austin area, reach out through the form on my home page if you would like more information about how my model team works and what makes it different than a lot of other senior model teams.

March always marks the beginning of the new season for my team, so now is the time to see what's it's all about.

Check out the video and images below to see all the fun we have!




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