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Haley Mitchell - Equestrian Creative

Holy smokes batman... Haley and I did a fun equestrian creative shoot at a beautiful horse ranch out in Spicewood a few weeks ago that belongs to a friend of mine, and sweet Miss Haley knocked it out of the park.

We were fortunate to be able to shoot with a few different horses, all with different personalities and demeanors.

Costa, the white slate colored horse is a Hanovarion Warmblood and was probably Haley’s favorite. He was super laid back, chill and easy to work with. The second horse was Woodford and is an American Quarter. With his saddle color hide he was beautiful. The last horse was an Arabian and talk about majestic! King of the ranch! He was a cool horse, and he KNEW it! LOL! His name is Cornhole, but I affectionally gave him the nick name Don Juan Cornholio! HA!!!

We are super grateful for my friends Dan and Laura Keen of L & D Sport Horses. If you are looking for training, purchase or anything equestrian related let me know and I’d be happy to connect you.

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