InFrame: Julie Rickard
OnLocation: Barton Creek
HMUA:Wendy Campbell

RPIO Teen Modeling

Photography Adventure just for Teens

I am SUPER excited to kick off a new season of fun with my 2022/23 Teen InModel team! This will be the second season and it has all the makings of being amazing!

Just like my seniors, this modeling team is not so much about only getting in front of a camera, looking good and creating some "cool" photos. Although that is certainly of my modeling team, it's not the entirety. Today's kids want to be heard, make an impact in their community, all while telling their story and affecting their sphere of influence for good.

The team is by invitation only and typically those referrals come from existing models and is for incoming 7th, 8th and 9th graders. The time period is September to September. To start the new season off each year there is a Parent & Model information meeting, in which both the parent and model must attend if they would like to hear more and consider being a part. The meeting will be in late August. During this time I go over all the details. From all the fun benefits, shoots, model shoots, themed shoots and cost..... I cover it all. After this meeting you are able to go home, talk it over and make a decision.

If you would like to be know a little more click here and fill out my contact form and I will reach out!