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Greetings from Flip Flop Inn - South Padre Island

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

For the past couple of years, I have taken a few of my model team down to Galveston to shoot a destination session with them. I offer the opportunity to 2-3 models. It’s a chance to get away and shoot somewhere fun, exciting, and different.

This year I decided to change up the first summer destination. Instead of Galveston, we headed down to South Padre Island! Heck yeah!

Typically, we shoot three different looks at three different locations. For these destinations the 3 style boards they had to go off of for inspiration were called Skater Girl, Knits and Cuts, Bold Editorial. The names say it all!

We started off shooting at and around an old retro looking abandoned motel, aptly named The Flip Flop Inn. Seeing how their logo used to be a Flip Flop, we actually found an old fence with a lot of Flip Flops stapled to the wood! Fun!

From there we moved across the bay to the little town of Port Isabel. There we hung around the Historic Port Isabel Lighthouse. The shop lined square, the light house itself and the period architecture made colorful backdrops.

To round out the day we trekked all the way to the north end of the island and their massive dunes. The Texas coast isn’t necessarily know for their dunes, but in this location, they are very big, bold and provides gorgeous views of both the ocean and bay side.

Stay tuned for upcoming trips and adventure!

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