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Destination Oregon - Pacific Northwest

Updated: Apr 26

Picture this... you are dreaming of some far off, exotic escape, where you leave the world around you and step into some fairly tale wonderland, with pure white water falls that seem to be floating, alpine lakes that reflect the heavens and lush forests of redwoods that are thousands of years old.

Sound amazing? Indeed it does.

This is the imagery we will be creating in Oregon this summer. Masterful artwork that would be right at home on the walls of a museum, but more aptly gracing your home.

We start off jet setting into Eugene, Oregon, which is in the central part of Oregon. From Eugene, we will be trekking southeast to begin shooting at several stunning waterfalls. Toketee Falls, Watson Falls and White Horse Falls are our first stops. Each of these water falls are within 5 miles of one another and are easy hikes to and from where we will be shooting.

From the falls, we will travel to Crater Lake, one of the "7 Wonders" of Oregon. Crater lake is the deepest lake in the United States and the 7th deepest in the world. Yeah, super cool!

Next, we will head back west a little and be shooting around the picturesque, idyllic settings of Jacksonville, Oregon, where small dinners, ice cream parlors and quaint art galleries line the historic small town's streets.

Day two kicks off with us already in Crescent City, California, near the northern most redwood forest in the US, Jedidiah Smith Redwoods. There is an "off the beaten path" dirt road that skirts the southern border of the park, where will be shooting in and along giant redwoods that are literally left over from the time of Christ! If you have never seen, first hand, giant redwoods, you are in for a treat. They are big. The are beautiful. They are truly breath taking.