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Lauren Poole - Vintage Circus Creative

Rules are sometimes made to be broken.

If you want to see some rule twisting randomness, just take a flip through mine and Lauren’s latest creative shoot. What started out as a Vintage Fashion concept, took a hard left turn to Jupiter somewhere along the way, and morphed into a Vintage Circus concept!

We were fortunate to get permission to shoot at Star Hill Ranch, a wedding venue and movie set location, out in the Lake Travis area. The business is owned by two super cool brothers Matt and Adam Wooley. Over the years they have travelled the country procuring buildings, prairie churches, and other structures from yesteryear. Then they literally move them to their property just outside Bee Cave, which is west of Austin, and set them up as an entire old western movie set. It’s basically a Wild Wild West town recreated and used for weddings and movies.

Here’s the cool part though. Because I have shot there before I also knew that they had storage on property that is home to loads and loads of movie set props. This is where things got interesting! When I was explaining to them, I wanted to shoot out back in their prop warehouses, they looked at me like I had 3 eyeballs! I'm sure they were thinking why would someone ever want to shoot in and around an old storage warehouse? Right? But I knew what was in and around those buildings and that’s what I was interested in.

After sharing a little of my vision with them, they totally thought it was the coolest idea ever.

Okay, maybe not ever, but I’m sure it was up there for them.

We were able to shoot with props like a vintage horse amusement ride, a mid/late 1800’s gypsy style horse carriage, a 1950 Ford F100, patinaed and all, a tore-up-from-the-ground-up 🤣 convertible, stuffed buffalo heads and lots of other smaller props.

Next came Lauren and her outfit. That’s where things really came together. She took a style board that I curated and totally ran with it, weaving in her own creative ideas and putting together what turned out to be, simply put, magical. From her shoes and stockings, to her corset, chiffon on her arms, to her hat with subtle decorations such as an peacock feather. It was perfectly, perfect. To top it off Amy Pearce, my hair and makeup artist, brought her magic and tied the entire look all together like...BAM!

Moral of the story? Rules, shmules! Pffff!

…unless they’re your mama’s rules. Then you better think really hard about breaking those!

Be sure and check out a few other Vintage Fashion creative concepts by other photographers over the next few days!

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