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Great Gatsby – The Driskill, Austin, TX

When you think of the 1920’s a lot of people conjure up images of flappers or think of The Great Gatsby or picture art deco architecture. But really, the 20’s was much more than this. It was an era when women were becoming more empowered, independent, and leaving the house for the workforce. On the heels of WWI, women were heading out more and more into society and letting loose.

The fashion of this time reflected their newfound freedom for practicality and playfulness, but also glamorous styling. Dresses were probably one of the most popular outfits to wear regardless of the occasion. Coats, purses, fur, bulky jewelry, hats, smocks, feathers were all very much a part of the overall looks.

Caroline wanted a session with a few of her girlfriends that spoke to this era. Sourcing and creating the style for this type of shoot was only one part of the project. We also needed a location that would complement the look. So, we decided to shoot at the Driskill downtown ATX. The Driskill provided the décor, the furniture, artwork, ambiance and even a 1920’s Packard that really tied our look all together! Score!

Want a super fun stylized shoot with your friends? Let’s talk!

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