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Destination Miami - 2022 | Day 3

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Day three in Miami.. Bursting color, high fashion and a rocker look that brings back nostalgic memories of Def Leppard on tour!

The first style for our last day in Miami was Color Express. What made this look so awesome was not just the abundance of colors, but also all the patterns, textures, big and bold accessories, and a wide array of fun materials. The models had everything from feathers to leather vests to killer knee-high strapped sandals. Another unique aspect of this look was the location we shot. While the Miami Design district was a one-of-a-kind place, one of the garages that provides parking for the area gave us the perfect backdrop for these outfits. Score!

The next style was Editorial Suit. We wanted this to be not only high fashion, but Vogue cover worthy. …modern, contemporary, clean lines, very little patterns. All the models nailed it! In the heart of the design district is a corridor that’s foot traffic only and is lined with art instillations, which made an ideal location to shoot. With the upscale boutiques, high fashion design brands and the models styling, the end result was nothing short of belonging on the cover of Vogue, InStyle or Elle.

And last, but not least, the edgy style, aptly named, Black Lightening. We cranked up the electricity for this last look. Leppard, Roses, Halen or any of the other killer 80’s rock bands needed some album cover models these images would have been perfect. We had leather shorts, leather pants, platformed boots, big hair and big makeup. The attitudes were full tilt and blazing!

Miami 2022 experience was incredible. To be sure we created some stellar content. But these destination sessions are always more than just shooting and creating awesome imagery. We also were able to see a lot of different areas of Miami and take in some of the culture, in a short window of time. But most importantly, a lot of fond memories were made and even better, new friends!

Next up, Palm Springs 2023!

Stay tuned my friends!

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