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80’s Arcade – Cidercade, Austin, TX

1980’s fashion + a retro arcade = a radical time!

I was a little bit of both a 70’s kid and an 80’s kid. Shooting an 80’s fashion style in an arcade was right up my ally. Not only is Cidercade pretty retro in their looks, but they had some awesome old school games. …PacMan (of course), Galaga, Space Invaders, 1942, Centipede, you name it. And let’s not forget air hockey, skee ball, pinball machines, racecar consoles…. They had it allllll!

After shooting for a while at Cidercade we had a little time left and cruised over to 1st street bridge downtown Austin where we pulled in some creative lighting and shot with the ATX skyline behind the girls.

Mikayla and her BFF’s were super-killer-fun and were way up for doing all kinds of creative set ups. But where they really shined was in their outfits and HMU. They NAILED their outfits, hair and makeup perfectly!

I specialize in stylized, creative shoots. If you have a BFF, or a few BFF’s for that matter, and have an idea for a out of the box shoot, message me and let’s chat. You will have a crazy good time with your friends, make some unforgettable memories and get some ridiculously cool images out of the experience!

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