My modeling team is not so much about simply getting in front of a camera, looking good and creating some “cool” photos. Although that is one part of my Influencer Modeling team, it’s not the whole. Today’s generation wants to be heard, make an impact in their community and society, all while telling their story and affecting their sphere of influence for good! With my Influencer Modeling team, you get to do all that and more! 


The team is by invitation only and typically those referrals come from existing InModels and is for incoming Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores. The time period is February to February of the incoming year. To start the new season off each year there is a Parent & Model information meeting, in which both the parent and model must attend if they would like to hear more and consider being a part. Usually that meeting is the 3rd or 4th week in February. After this meeting they are able to go home, talk it over and then accept the offer if they would like to join. At that meeting I go over all the details. From all the fun benefits, shoots, fashion show, model shoots, themed shoots, collaborative shoots with local and national brands, opportunities to give back to our community through service and volunteer work, costs and a ton more, I cover it all.  To give you an idea of what being on the team means, take a look below!

SESSIONS Model, Portrait, Family, Friends PLUS Creative Shoots

WEB SIZED IMAGES from all your modeling and creative shoots for you to share on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter

BE FEATURED in our 2020/21 marketing – website, blog, videos and displays

COLLABORATE with clothing, hair and makeup, jewelry, accessories and other fashion brands

CUSTOM MOBILE APP and Online Gallery of your model images – a fun way to share with your friends

BE FEATURED in nationally submitted Creative Shoots, featured on Inspiring Teens Magazine, SeniorSZN Magazine, SeniorMuse,  Senior Year Magazine, Senior Inspire, as well as other national senior portrait feature mediums

FASHION SHOW, benefiting BeLydia, that will BLOW.YOU.AWAY

STYLE CHALLENGES where prizes such as iPods, jewelry and boutique gift cards are given to winners

NATIONAL MODEL ADVENTURE - One of my models each year will receive an opportunity to experience an expense paid (airfare, lodging & food) DESTINATION FASHION SHOOT IN JANUARY OF THEIR TEAMS' YEAR.

    TWO OTHER ways to receive the same trip

    1.) If you refer 6 friends that book a full session, you will receive airfare, lodging and food for 2, PLUS experience a similar shoot the day before the national shoot.

   2.) You can also purchase a destination session and experience a similar fashion shoot. (Lodging, airfare and food not included.)

SPECIAL INVITATIONS TO DESTINATION COLLECTIVES, SHOOTOUTS AND MEETUPS - These.Are.FUN!!! A few of our past locations have been Galveston, Las Vegas and San Diego. A few locations that are on our radar for 2020/21 are Miami, LA and New York.

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