Our studio is a member of a number of professional senior portrait photography associations. One of those organizations, Society 12, hosts a Modeling Competition Collective and this year it is being held in San Diego, in January 2020. All of our InModels are invited to be a part of this and be entered as a candidate and the chance to be a National Winner. The images we (Richard and you Models) shoot with one another throughout the year is what we will enter for consideration. Entry deadlines are typically in November of the prior year, so November 2019. Last year the competition was right here in Austin at several incredible locations. In past year's it's been in Palm Springs, Las Vegas and LA. Below are some of the highlights of what is involved and how it works. Bottom line, if you are on our InModel team, this is a SUPER RAD opportunity and experience!



There is one official shoot day, January 20th, where all the national winning models will participate. Within the culture of Society 12 all the photos that photographers take should tell a small piece of your story. Without Society 12 having a chance to really get to know each of you before hand, that becomes almost impossible, which is where they have added something new this year! While the other models are getting hair and makeup done they will take aside each model one at time and chat with you, asking questions and all models will be able to ask them questions and talk with them as well. This will give Society 12 a chance to get to know the winners a little before we all start shooting that day.



There are 4 completely independent judges. This year one of them will be a former model winner and a great addition to the panel. Not only has she had this experience and has been through the process, but she is also a peer, being in our InModel’s age range, which is something Society 12 thought would bring a unique perspective this year. The second judge is a wardrobe stylist who has worked with everyone from teen girls to A list celebrities. The third judge is a hair stylist who has worked on several Hollywood sets for movies, TV shows as well as fashion Week in NYC. The last judge is a photographer - outside of the senior portrait industry.



Society 12 is very personal and story driven. Clothing is one tool that we all use to express ourselves. This year Society 12’s stylist is going to be working with the winning models to bring clothing that fits YOUR personality vs showing up and being a model for a specific line or brand. This creates a bit more work on the front end for the stylist, because she still will have to make sure the shoots are cohesive, but still personalized.



Hands down this will be an incredible and exhilarating experience! You will be coming to San Diego, airfare and hotel included, and be sharing this experience with the other winning models and shoot with some bad mammajamma photographers from all around the country. Professional hair and makeup artists will be on deck and the stylist will work with you ahead of time on styling in what makes you…you. You will also receive your images as quickly as us photographers can turn them around. Society 12 and all the participating professional photographer’s vision for this experience, is that the winning models will become the ambassadors for Society Twelve for the following year, even though you may be graduating. We would really like to stay in touch with all of you models throughout the year, after you have moved on to college and share what you are up to and really give you a chance to inspire others!



The host hotel and where all models and photographers will be staying is The Keating Hotel. Check em’ out. It’s a killer boutique hotel!

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